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Manual Reset AP6511



 To revert to factory default configuration using the hardware reset button on the bottom of the unit:

 1.            Apply power to the AP by connecting a PoE cable

2.            Within the first 5 seconds, depress and hold the reset button using a paper clip

3.            Keep the reset-button pressed whilst the amber LED blinks slowly

4.            After 6 seconds of slow blinking, the amber LED starts fast blinking. The reset-button can now be released

5.            The fast-blinking state will continue for 3 seconds, after which the amber LED turns back on

6.            After a further 30 seconds, the amber LED will turn off for a period of 1 second. This indicates that factory default configuration has been restored. The AP will continue the boot process normally


From the web UI:

 Navigate to the Operations main menu. Select Reset (factory default) from the menu at the bottom of the page. Click Execute.