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WS2000 Initial Setup Procedure

- WS2000 w/Power Supply, Firmware v2.2.3.0-020R
- Regular Networking Cable
Initial Setup
1. Connect a "wired" computer to the switch (in any one of the available LAN ports) using a standard CAT-5 cable.
2. Set up the computer for TCP/IP DHCP network addressing and make sure that the DNS settings are not hard coded.
3. Start up Internet Explorer (with Sun Micro systems' Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or higher installed) and type the following IP address in the address field:
4. Log in using User ID "admin" and Password "symbol". A new password will be asked for.
Network Setup
1. Set the Country code to the country you are in. Click Apply.
2. Click the circle next to Network Configuration.
3. Click the circle next to LAN.
4. Click Subnet 1.
5. In the right pane, change the IP Parameters to match your wired network. (IP w.x.y.z; Subnet w.x.y.z; Gateway w.x.y.z)
6. Under DHCP box, select 'This Interface is a DHCP Server'. In the 'Address Assignment Range' enter to Click Apply.
7. In the left pane, click on WAN.
8. Click 'Enable WAN Interface' so it is un-checked. Click Apply.
9. Click on Wireless in the left pane.
10. Click the 'AP Adoption Configuration' tab. Under Access Port Adoption List, uncheck the WLAN's that you don't want access ports being adopted by.
11. If you only have WLAN1 Enabled, Uncheck the WLAN's that are not enabled. (Uncheck WLAN 2-8). Click apply.
12. In the left pane, select WLAN1.
13. In the ESSID box, change the ESSID to your decided upon SSID.
14. Verify that the subnet is set to Subnet1.
15. In the Advanced box, make sure that 'Disallow MU to MU Communications' and 'Secure Beacon' are checked and that 'Answer Broadcast ESS' is not checked. Click Apply.
16. Click on the circle next to WLAN1 to show WLAN1 Security.
17. Under the Encryption Methods select WPA-TKIP.
18. Then click the 'WPA-TKIP' Settings button that will now appear next to the WPA-TKIP button.
19. Under ASCII Passphrase, enter your passphrase, then click on ok. Click Apply.
20. Click on the circle next to [Access Ports].
21. And click on 802.11b Defaults.
22. Change the Placement to Indoors.
23. Change the Channel to 11.
24. Change the Power Level to 20db or 100mW.
25. Verify that Antenna Settings are at Full Diversity.
26. Click Set Rates and check under 'Basic Rates': 1 and 2. Under 'Supported Rates' check 5.5 and 11-54. Click Ok.
27. Under Advanced Properties, select Support Short Preamble. Click Apply.
28. Once this is done, you should be able to wirelessly connect to your wireless network with the specified wireless settings above.