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2800/2846 Hard Reset Procedure




-A hard reset also restarts your PPT2800/2846 terminal, but erases all stored records and entries. Therefore, never perform a hard reset unless a soft reset does not solve your problem and make sure that you have copied the configurations/data on the terminal before cold booting.

-In some instances you can restore any data previously synchronized with your computer during the next ActiveSync operation.


Key Definition:


-Function Button-Grey button on the bottom right side of the terminal.

-Reset Button-Located on right side of battery compartment (under battery cover).




1. Remove the battery cover.

2. While holding down the Function button, use the tip of the stylus (or similar object without a sharp tip) to gently press the reset button.

3. Replace the battery cover and press the Power button.

4. As the terminal initializes its unique Flash File system, the Symbol splash screen displays for about a minute.

5. The calibration screen appears.

6. Touch calibration points on the screen with stylus to calibrate.




-If your PPT 27xx/28xx unit came loaded with another software application, the calibration screen may not appear.

-With a cold boot, the current date and time, formats, preferences, and other settings are restored to their factory default settings.

See Also:2800/2846 Soft Reset Procedure