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PPT8800 - How to Put into IPL Mode


- 8800 Running Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003(PPC2003), or Win CE

- Either a Cradle or Serial Charging Cable for the 8800 Series


Booting to IPL Mode

Caution: Do not remove power from the 8800 while in IPL mode.  If the battery fully depletes during OS upgrade, serious damage to the 8800 can occur.

1. Connect the Serial Charging Cable or the Single-Slot Cradle to the computer with the software you want to load onto the 8800.

2. Connect the power supply to the Serial Charging Cable or the cradle and the AC line cord to the power supply and the AC outlet.

3. Perform a hard reset of the 8800, by taking the battery door off, press and hold the [FUNC] button, and while holding the [FUNC] button press the small [reset] button located right under the battery, on the left side.

4. Replace the battery cover.

5. On the Standard 6-key keypad, simultaneously press and hold the [APP 1] and the [APP 4] keys then press and release the [Power] button.

6. On the 15-key keypad, simultaneously press and hold the[1] and [Down Arrow] keys then press and release the [Power] button.

7. Continue to hold down the keys until the IPL screen appears.

8. Place the 8800 into the cradle or connect the Serial Charging Cable to the bottom of the 8800.

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